It’s About The Money

While the majority of those who enter the world of professional bodybuilding do to see who is the best bodybuilder of them all, but there are also financial rewards as well. That is what you are going to be reading about in this piece as we rank the top five money earning bodybuilders of all time. The list will be comprised of the five bodybuilders who earned money both inside of the sport, then used their fame to make money outside of the sports as well. So, without any more talk, let us take a look at the five best earning bodybuilders of all time, starting with number five.

#5: Ronnie Coleman ($10 Million)

Ronnie Coleman won the coveted Mr. Olympia Competition a total of eight times and that brings a ton of financial awards with it. When you mix all the money he made while winning those coveted crowns, plus you add in the sponsorship money that comes along with it, you can see why this competitor is on our list. Then, you add in the fact that this bodybuilding legend is a certified accountant outside of the sport and you know that je has a lot of money saved up as well.

#4: Jay Cutler ($30 Million)

While this bodybuilder has the same name as the famed Chicago Bears quarterback, but he earned a good portion of his trophy by winning four Mr. Olympia Competitions. Cutler also made a lot of cash by using his skills as a bodybuilder to appear in a plethora of publications and films as well. Cutler shows that even though you can definitely earn tons of money by competing in bodybuilding and winning, there are also a bunch of opportunities outside of the sport to take advantage of also.

#3: Joe Weider ($35 Million)

Joe Weider is considered by many to be the father of bodybuilding and by the amount of cash he made while competing in the sport, it is truly a hard task to argue against that claim. Weider made the majority of his money by founding the Mr. Olympia Competition, which to this day, is still considered to be the biggest bodybuilding event of the year. Weider also published a variety of bodybuilding related magazines, some that are still in existence to this day, which goes to show why this man will forever be known as the father of bodybuilding.

#2: Rich Gaspari ($90 Million)

Rich Gaspari never actually did win the coveted Mr. Olympia crown, but he placed so many times in the competition that the money started piling up for this competitor. Gaspari also made a ton of money by working closely in the creation of many supplements, which would lead to the creation of his own supplement company, which is known as Gaspari Nutrition. Gaspari showed that staying active in competition and later starting his own nutrition company would lead to money being made both inside and around the bodybuilding universe.

#1: Arnold Schwarzenegger ($300 Million)

Arnold Schwarzenegger will be number one on this list and he will remain number one on this list until the end of time, especially when you consider all that he has done. Schwarzenegger is a seven time winner of the Mr. Olympia Competition and when you add that money to the millions upon millions he made with all the amazing films that he starred in, you can see why his status as the highest money earning bodybuilder of all time will never be challenged, but it will be a truly amazing story if the day comes when another bodybuilder finally challenges for that crown.